Lettering - Be Kind


Since I was a kid, I've loved creating lettering. This was before I knew it was called "lettering." Back then, it was a just way for me to add pretty writing onto my drawings and school assignments. I went through an elementary school stage when all my "i's" were dotted with asterisks and sparkly circles, "S's" had extra curls, and I'd make up full alphabet fonts - just for fun. Fast forward to today and hand lettering is still one of my favorite parts about the sketching process. Recently, I've been practicing by lettering quotes while multi-tasking between eating, catching up on tv shows, and as a way to escape my massive list of to-dos. Its relaxing. I've started lettering this list of important things to remember as a sort-of, haphazard side project, starting with one of the more important ones - be kind.