This is Today / 7


Good morning, spring in San Francisco. I've been attempting to savor my last few days off, but am mostly hoping to accomplish a few goals I've been meaning to get to: painting my bedroom and office, spray painting old furniture, wrapping up a photo book project, running. every. single. day, cleaning up a few things on my blog/portfolio, finishing some volunteer projects, eventually get to that giant pile of dishes in our sink, etc, etc. I definitely passed out on the living room floor, in my running clothes, one leg propped on the couch, after my run last night - not my finest. Work or no work, waking up at 7 am on your own accord is tiring. Phew.

But, its 9 AM right now and I'm sitting in the sunny spots of our living room, ignoring the pile of dishes, and sipping tea. It is a gorgeous start to the day and I can't wait to get outside! I am definitely wearing shorts today. I am definitely going to eat a giant pile of lasagna for breakfast. And maybe buy flowers. This is the real savoring . Life is good, life is good.