I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Women in Design talk last night hosted by the Girl Geek Dinner series at the stunning Github HQ (I mean, look at that bar!). The night was filled with meeting fellow designers and lightening talks by female designers in the tech sphere (airbnb, yammer, dropbox, etc). My favorite talk was by Elle Luna, who spoke about the intersection between "should" and "must." It was amazing how much the topics  just clicked with me - getting started & taking risks, the importance collaboration, finding the connection between your job / your career / your calling - and embracing all the uncertainty that comes with it all. 

A few key points (to share with you and so I remember too):
- We all begin as amateurs. Everyone is just figuring it out.
- Your job, your career, and your calling don't have to be separate.
- As designers, we have to fight for the impossible.
- Its not all about delighting the user, focus on where decisions are made.

Super inspiring and reassuring stuff.