The Best Day of the Year (So Far)

Today was the best day of the year. Since there's only been four days in the year so far, I think I'm allowed to say that. I'm sure my "best day" will change as the year progresses, but this one was pretty great.

We woke up early for eggs and coffee before venturing out to Mount Sutro, straight from our door. How we ended up completely submerged in nature after walking through crazy Haight Ashbury and bustling roads, I do not know. What I do know though is that this was a great discovery. It was like we were magically - as in walked up one giant, steep hill - transported to another place. The air felt immediately cleaner and the only crowds were trees. We hiked around and around the mountain, covering all trails, found our way to the base of Sutro Tower, and stopped halfway to eat too much cheese and salumi while perched on the summit. It was refreshing and I'm so happy knowing that this place is just outside our door.

Also, California, is it really January? Because this sunny, feels-like-spring weather is fabulous.