This is Today / 31

Somehow October flew by. This month has been a packed with lots of designing, plenty of puppy time, weekday concerts, weekend adventures, and not much time to stop and think. Maybe I've taken the advice from my last post about "just being." It's amazing having so many design personal projects keeping me busy, while balancing them out with walks through the park and city explorations. There's so much in progress and so much I'm excited to share (soon!), but I have to be patient!

And so, life has gone a little bit less captured in photographs and words and more in moments and memories. This photo above was a quick one taken in the morning during my regular routine of attempting to tire Drake out before we hop on the bus for work. How can it be that I haven't captured ONE crispy fall leaves photo this year?! Unacceptable. Haha. Hopefully that will change soon when we leave the city for Tahoe, where there are plenty of opportunities to capture moments standing in sweaters under pretty trees.