Recent Work / Doie Lounge Eye Mask Packaging


When Sara of Doie Lounge approached me to design the packaging for her new Sleep Tight eye mask collection, I knew this would be a great collaboration. Doie Lounge specializes in gorgeous loungewear complete with luxurious patterns and all-natural fabrics that have donned stylish brides and bridesmaids everywhere. With a feminine, classic, eco-friendly approach, Sara sought a design that would be understated with a minimal impact to the environment. 

After a few iterations, packaging concepts, and many delicious coffee meetings at a local cafe, we landed on a small sticker that wraps around the edge of a clear flat pack. It highlights Doie Lounge's logo and uses feminine, classic typefaces with a touch of whimsy. Besides serving its purpose, the packaging also uses minimal material (eco-friendly!), while giving the spotlight to the beautiful patterns of the eye masks. Below are a few in-progress photos and sketches, if you'd like to see.

Also, if you're interested, please check out Doie Lounge's Sleep Tight eye mask collection here.