Friendsgiving 2014

With Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday, we celebrated our third (!) annual Friendsgiving this past weekend, which according to Facebook was when everyone hosted their Friendsgivings. Maybe it's about to become a real thing. We seem to procrastinate planning more and more each year, but with one week to pull everything together, it turned out okay in the end! M and I have it down - he makes the main entree (this year, we had mini turkeys again...aka chicken), while I go crazy on the decor - because I like that. This year I wanted to keep things simple with clean whites, glass, and wooden elements, mixed with a subtle vintage school feel. The "school" element came from our large encyclopedia collection acquired from M's family, which were used to prop up vases (they also make great door stops!), and my canvas turned chalkboard that served as a drink instruction/inspiration board. With all the decorating and prep that went into planning our dinner, the best part was gathering with friends over delicious potluck food (good job everyone!) and overflowing glasses of red wine. So, so worth it!