The Mountains are Calling

This post is mostly about trees, but a few other things too. Snowy trees, fiery orange trees, skinny trees stretching to the sky, trees that looked like Christmas, trees pair with sunlight, and confetti leaves. Ugh. I need more of these moments in my life. We're back from a quick weekend up to Truckee, CA, where all seven of us lived the cabin life and I fell in love with the old geometric rugs in the living room. I was surprised by how much I needed the crispy air and the drinking games with college friends that made college feel not as far away. There were sweaters and toasting marshmallows over the grill and an 8 am wake-up to tiptoe onto the deck to see everything covered in snow. And maybe there was a little too much football on Sunday morning, but the trees and the mugs of chai spice tea made up for it ;).  

*Post title from the window display of this amazing little shop in downtown Truckee. I pretty much wanted everything.