This is Today / 32

On my bus ride today, a woman exiting the bus gave us bus riders all a jolly "Happy Holidays!" as we all sat unable to move in our bundles of layers and rainy day jackets (some of us also had puppies on their lap...aka me). And just like that, we've made it to the holidays. I not-so-secretly love the cozy feelings of this time, even with our annual reminder that we don't have heat in our flat (brr!). It's just an excuse to pile on blankets and hibernate on the couch more than usual. In the days leading up to December, we've already spontaneously donated cat food at our local pet store and excitedly wrapped presents at West Elm, though I am resisting the urge to play Christmas music until we get our tree this weekend. So, the to-do list is long, there are presents to be shopped for, a tree to be decorated, people to see, things to do, and so, so much more - but that's what makes December great, right?