Recent Work / Future is Bright Candles

Happy New Year! So. This is my first batch of homemade soy candles. Eek!! I was really excited about this project, mostly because it was new and I couldn't wait to design a pretty label and package them up to look professional. Hah. But the candle making process was...okayyyy. It consisted of a lot of stirring, staring at the thermometer, waiting, waiting, missing The Mindy Project, waiting, gluing on wicks, pouring, learning from M that a "candlemaker" is also called a "tallow maker" (who knew?), pouring, and waiting some more. I am happy with the results though, especially since they are my first dozen candles, though I don't think I'm on my way to becoming a tallow maker any time soon. After much more waiting (aka sleeping), I woke up to my twelve happy candles...a little bit cracked and with some funny bubbles...but that's what homemade is about sometimes. 

I made a label to cover all that cracking and bubbling stuff any way. The label! The label was 3/4s the fun of this project. I mulled over what to stick on my label and decided to go with a favorite of mine, "The Future is Bright" in calligraphy. The label was a two step process: calligraphy on paper and vectorizing. I decided to keep the label's focus on the lettering since it's delicate lines could easily be overshadowed. After trimming and adhering the labels, the candles were complete! I love the modern, understated look of them...and most importantly, they work!