This is Today / 29

This week feels refreshing, like the city decided that we can now officially have summer and each morning we're awoken by long rays of sunlight stretching towards our bedroom door. For the time being, I'll try to ignore my cravings for crispy fall and oversized sweaters. It will continue to be about sunscreen, sandals, and braving the day without a light jacket in hand (risky for us over here!). And here's a little bit about life lately:

One | We had the most picturesque watermelon for a fantasy football draft party (think: guys huddled over computers) we hosted over the weekend. While I did partake in the snacks, you really can't avoid juicy watermelon slices and five layer dip, I mostly sat in the corner working on design projects :)
Two | My little photo assistant for our mini product shoot. In the end, he ended up crawling all over my keyboard and changing my laptop setting BUT he sure looked cute doing it! I feel really, really lucky to have this little pup with me at work, even if he can be a brat some times :)
Three | A Tuesday night concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. Nothing like a clear night, pretty music, a grassy slope with beer in plastic cups, and M to make a weekday feel special.