The East Side of the Sierras

When your friend turns thirty, you head to the east side of the Sierras for the coziest, fall weekend. We spent a too-quick weekend climbing through fissures, late night hot springs (that I didn't go in), fall colors that begged to be photographed, and a sleepy town with big Halloween spirit. We battled the fall chill with big blanket scarves and mugs of gluwein and hot toddies over competitive games of UNO - it was really the best. Here are a few photos from our adventures in the wilderness, if you'd like to see. 

While driving over to a small town called June Lake for after-hike beers, we HAD to pull over to take pictures by this gorgeous lake. It was too picturesque not to.

And the fall colors! Now that we live in the city, it's rare that we're surrounded by trees, let alone trees with bright orange and yellow leaves like these! On our last day before our drive home, we ran around taking in all the fall foliage despite the freezing wind that started to pick up!