Recent Work / Holiday Caramel Popcorn

This year, we "brought some corn for popping..." as a small holiday treat for friends and family in the form of caramel popcorn tins. We used this super simple caramel popcorn recipe that produced the not-too-sweet, not-too-salty flavor and the not-all-stuck-in-your-teeth result I was hoping for. It was also satisfying to watch a bunch of brown sugar meld with the butter and create the yummiest smelling kitchen. Lots of wins with this recipe - I definitely recommend it!

For the packaging (my favorite part), I found these clear canisters on Paper Mart that were not only the perfect size for popcorn snacking, but sealed tightly to keep the popcorn from going stale quickly. For the design, I wanted to create a warm palette that would pair well with the texture of the popcorn and warm brown of the caramel. I decided to go a bit moodier and opted for a charcoal label with pops of floral patterns. All in all, a super fun project amidst the holiday crazy and a fun gift to pass out at holiday gatherings!