This is Today / 40


Today is for turning on our twinkle lit fireplace, cranking up the space heater, and piling under all the blankets. It's officially Christmas time and officially igloo time in our heater-less flat, it's so cold in here! We set up our straight-from-the-seventies aluminum tree for the first time last night, though it's been here all along - hiding deep in the back of our flat's entry way closet waiting to be found. Used by M's family wayyyy back in the day, we stumbled upon the tree and it's accompanying Roto Wheel last month when emptying out the entire closet. It was obvious we had to use "the Sparkler" this holiday season. And so, last night, while simultaneously googling how to assemble the tinsel-y branches and with Christmas music blasting in the background, we got the tree up, wrapped some presents, and suddenly it felt like Christmas in our flat! Glad we have twenty-two more days to enjoy it all!