When in Portland

I'm so thankful for these weekend getaways that have filled my April calendar. This particular weekend, I headed to Portland! I've been wanting to visit Portland for awhile now considering so much delicious food, coffee, and artisanal products call PDX home. For a very quick, barely three day weekend, we trekked through the city, cramming as many meals into our days and ducking into shops filled with amazing products and local wares. It was amazing to finally visit places I had heard and read so much about, like Stumptown Coffee, the ACE hotel, Schoolhouse Electric (a favorite of mine), and Olympic Provisions, while also discovering so many new gems. Portland was the weirdest, in the best way possible, kind of city - one moment we'd be wandering through a cute block of shops and then suddenly we'd find ourselves in an industrial warehouse-filled part of the city with an adorable shop hidden amongst electrical, power units. There was also the time we climbed up a giant mountain and found ourselves hiking along a busy road, then winding down the mountain in search of Salt & Straw ice cream.  There were so many pockets of adorable stores and delicious food to be found. If only, I could buy every single trinket in those places, eat all the foods, and drink all the drinks in this city. I guess I'll be back :)

When in Portland, OR:
Eat: Swee dee dee | Olympic Provisions | Blue Star Donuts | Stumptown Coffee | Burnside Brewing Company | Pok Pok | Salt & Straw 
Explore: Ace Hotel | Powell Books | Lark Street Press | Schoolhouse Electric