When in Spain / Cordoba

Oh Cordoba. You were an adventure. We took a train ride over to Cordoba for a day trip from Seville and found ourselves sweating it out in this old town. We spent a majority of our time within the city walls of the Old Town, which contained the Mezquita, a cathedral with an expansive and dramatic history. The Mezquita's architecture spoke of the structure's intense history with a blend of both Islamic & Christian influences. Most impressive was the "candy cane" forest of red & white striped arches that went on and on and on and the way it was intermixed with a giant cathedral.  

We spent the rest of our time in Cordoba at the Alcazar de Cordoba and exploring the Old Town. It got super hot in the afternoon and with no place to escape for a siesta, we found ourselves in the courtyard of a university, dozing off on a bench while listening to lectures in session. That, and then escaping to the only open bar we could find during "siesta time" and drinking glass after glass of "tinto de veranos" (red wine with fizzy lemon water) until it was time to hop on the train home.