This is Today / 37

This post should really be titled "This is Two Days Ago," but you get what I mean. And, in actuality, this could be today because, you guys, it's SUMMER and San Francisco has decided that we should get a glimpse of the kind of summers you see in movies (or Instagram, who are we kidding). You know, the ones where you can run around without a jacket, eat ice cream to cool off, and hang out outside late into the warm night. Okay, no warm nights here, but we'll take what we can get. We biked through Golden Gate Park, down to Ocean Beach on Tuesday night, which the best weekday decision we've had in awhile. I'm considering it our belated summer solstice celebration because it contained all the components of our annual solstice picnics - M, a blanket, and an over-the-top sunset. This time we brought the pup along too and we all enjoyed eating almost-stale tortilla chips and bouncing around in the sand, the ocean as our backdrop. Here's to hoping for a fog-free summer, escaping to nature, ditching the layers, and enjoying the details.