When in Spain / Seville

The next stop on our adventure was beautiful Seville! Small and rustic, Seville was a nice change of pace from Barcelona's busy streets. We arrived into Seville by a six-hour train ride, where I switched between napping and staring out at the Spanish countryside buzzing past us, and trekked thirty minutes in the heat, giant backpacks in tow, to our Airbnb loft. Seville was bursting with culture and gorgeous cobblestone streets that I instantly fell in love with. Like Barcelona, our days in Seville were spent walking for miles (though we rented city bikes too!), but it was here that we also immersed ourselves in a few Spanish traditions - flamenco, siestas, religious processions, and our new favorite breakfast - pan con tomate.

While I'm totally an eggy breakfast girl, pan con tomate quickly became my favorite breakfast - and simple too. There was something satisfying about getting a piece of toast, smothering the bread with tomato, and drizzling a little olive oil over it all.  I loved how peaceful our mornings were since most were still asleep when we started our days - just us, toast, and cafe con leche. Sometimes we mixed up our breakfasts and added jamon, pate, or cheese to the mix - yum! 

The Metropol Parasol was a spectacular structure with it's curves and waffle-like construction. While it was all over the guidebooks as a "must-see" in Seville, we stumbled upon it spontaneously while wandering on our first afternoon in the city. The modern design of the Metropol Parasol and the historical buildings surrounding the structure created a nice contrast between the old and new.

We spent one afternoon at the Royal Alcazar de Seville,  an expansive palace that looked like it was straight out of a children's fairytale. It had the most exquisite details, like colorfully painted tiles that covered rooms from floor to ceiling, scalloped arches, plant-filled plazas, and gardens and gardens and gardens. There was even an labyrinth that we attempted to get lost in (I thought we were lost, apparently M knew where we were the entire time). One of my favorite moments was sitting in the shade of a grove of trees and roses, escaping the heat and enjoying our surroundings.

The buildings of Seville! I seriously could not get enough of how colorful and detailed they were. My favorites were the ones that were either color blocked or had balconies with patterned tiles underneath and plants tumbling over the sides. I'm pretty sure we stumbled into scenes of scooters against pretty building backdrops, but I still couldn't help taking tons of pictures of them. 

When in Seville:
Eat / DrinkRedhouse Art & Coffee | Duo Tapa (eat outside on the Alameda Hercules)| Bodega Santa Cruz | Bar Ambigu | Cafe Hercules | Eslava | Bar Alfalfa | La Cacharreria | El Rinconcillo | Taberna Coloniales | Ovejas Negras | Maquila Bar (craft brews made in Seville!)

Do: Metropol Parasol | Catedral de Sevilla | Real Alcazar de Seville | the picturesque Jewish Quarters | Alameda Hercules | La Pena Nino de La Alfalfa Flamenco Show (a local secret from our Airbnb host, where we watched non-touristy flamenco in a tiny, tiny venue) | Calle Regina for local boutiques |