Recent Work / Sesame Gift Box Refresh

Last week, we had the absolute pleasure of being featured on one of my favorite design sites, The Dieline, for our new Sesame gift boxes that I designed as part of my full-time day job at Sincerely, Inc. You can check out the article here and here.

And today, I'm excited to share the new gift box with you (again, if you've already seen The Dieline post...)! For those who haven't heard, Sesame is an online and mobile gifting brand that makes it simple to send thoughtful, beautifully curated gift sets for every occasion. Each gift set arrives at the recipient's doorstep in our gift box, so rethinking the design was a huge undertaking and included refreshing our brand from the packaging, imagery, and marketing to the app, website, and operations. For me, this project meant designing the gift box, art directing our marketing photo shoots, refreshing our web design, and executing the creative marketing our launch. Phew! After almost two years working closely on Sesame, it was an honor to lead the re-design of our gift box with the team and I am super happy with the results! 

The details! The main goal of our gift box refresh was to ensure that our recipients had an over-the-top unboxing experience by making the design bold, joyful, and fun. To do so, we chose bold white ink and a striped motif that popped against our kraft box and paired it with a bright turquoise wrap-around sticker. Upon opening the gift box, the recipient is greeted with a customized card tucked into a sleeve and luxurious vellum that adds to the experience of unveiling the gift set. 

Additionally, it was important to us that the gift box was stunning, but also didn't overshadow the gorgeous, artisanal products we curate and pack into our gift boxes. While we incorporated fun messaging and bold patterns, the gift box still acts as a neutral backdrop and the gift set products are able to take center stage. We paired each gift set with an enjoyment guide featuring large, vibrant visuals of the gift set and details about each item to further add to the experience of receiving the gift set.