Recent(ish) Work / MMSF Spring Gala 2015

To be honest, I prettied up this very simple design with lots of flowers and a moody dark backdrop. Because I like it that way. Speaking of styling this post, I've almost thrown away my awkward ziplock bag of dried bay leaves, eucalyptus, tiny fading rose buds, and branches multiple times, but after moments like that, I'm so glad I resisted. As long as I don't end up accidentally crushing them, I'll be keeping these foliage scraps for awhile...and you'll probably see them here again and again. 

Besides the styling, this design is simple, yet can stand on it's own without the flowers. I designed this Save the Date and Invitation duo as my last hurrah as VP of Creative for Minds Matter of San Francisco last Spring for their annual fundraising gala. 

This year, the Spring Gala was held at the stunning San Francisco City Hall and it was clear that the building should shine in the event visuals and invitation. In the end, I designed the collateral around imagery of City Hall and paired it with free flowing hand lettering, making a statement that was both sophisticated and classic, but also not stuffy. 

After three years with Minds Matter of San Francisco, I'll definitely miss the creative opportunities I've had with the organization, but am so happy with the way this last hurrah turned out!