When in Austin, TX

When in Austin, indulge. Eat barbecue two days in a row even if it means standing in line for three hours, spend a whole day eating tacos, and throw in a maple bacon donut and some queso just because. Drink on Rainey Street, spend a sunny afternoon at a deserted brewery, and drink iced coffee because sometimes it's sunny in February. When in Austin, get lost in vintage shops, hunt for funky street art murals, and climb up and down Hope Outdoor Gallery's graffiti covered walls with all the teenagers. Four days, indulging and running around a new city with M was just the getaway we needed to recharge after a gloomy January and a busy past few weeks!

And, in our case, when in Austin, watch a Texas sunset that feels like magic high above the Colorado River, pop champagne, and get engaged to your best friend because yes, yes, yes.