Recent Work / Soapberri Branding

Over the past few months, I've had the absolute pleasure of working with the team at Soapberri to design their visual brand story and packaging for their first line of body care products. I'm so excited to share it with you today! Dedicated to creating a natural body care line, free of harmful chemicals, the Soapberri team sought out the soapberry, a berry that produces a creamy lather from it's saponin that is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It's a truly organic, natural cleanser! 

Focused on Soapberri's values of creating premium, all-natural products, we designed the Soapberri visual story to encompass an organic feeling, while also keeping it modern and fresh. The main graphic of the Soapberri is bold and clean to represent the refreshing feeling of using Soapberri hair & body lathers and the uncomplicated, chemical-free formula. We combined a back-to-nature color palette with clean typefaces to round out the all-natural tone and designed a series of icons communicate key brand points. 

Even more exciting, Soapberri launched their Kickstarter campaign earlier this week and you can still back the project until the end of this month! Visit Soapberri and the Soapberri Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

When in Austin, TX

When in Austin, indulge. Eat barbecue two days in a row even if it means standing in line for three hours, spend a whole day eating tacos, and throw in a maple bacon donut and some queso just because. Drink on Rainey Street, spend a sunny afternoon at a deserted brewery, and drink iced coffee because sometimes it's sunny in February. When in Austin, get lost in vintage shops, hunt for funky street art murals, and climb up and down Hope Outdoor Gallery's graffiti covered walls with all the teenagers. Four days, indulging and running around a new city with M was just the getaway we needed to recharge after a gloomy January and a busy past few weeks!

And, in our case, when in Austin, watch a Texas sunset that feels like magic high above the Colorado River, pop champagne, and get engaged to your best friend because yes, yes, yes.

This is Today / 41

2016 is off to a fast start and without a hint of the Januaries besides the downpours of rain we've been getting, but those have been cozy and so, so needed. While getting back into the daily work routine was a bit of a struggle, somehow I feel like we've sunken quickly into this year that has already been full of change, new experiences, and plans for the year. So far, I've managed to attend a wood working class for the first time (result = triangle shelf above!), discover weaving as my version of adult coloring books, stay sore for an entire week with a new workout, skip taking my daily vitamin only once, and make progress on freelance projects. I've also been scheming up a new project that I'm excited and nervous to share soon (eek) and make magical plans for later in the year, like a weekend in Joshua Tree. I really, really think we're off to a good start. Now to just keep going...

Year in Review / 2015

2015 was everything - travel, adventures big & small, savoring the details, taking on creative projects, and sharing it all with my favorite people. Here's a quick look back on just a few of the moments that made this year great. And, happy new year, friends! Let's make 2016 the best year yet.


2015 and a very good Virgin Airlines sale meant a year of trips to close and faraway places. I spent a week in Yosemite without wifi in a giant mountain top cabin with work, hung out in LA during it's only rainy spring weekend, relaxed poolside in the Palm Springs heat for my sister's bachelorette, did this thing called Coachella... 

...visited M's sister in North Carolina, ate at the cutest brunch place & explored Portland with my favorite J, and spent two and a half beautiful weeks tapas hopping and cava drinking our way through Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba, and Madrid.

The fall brought another trip back to Palm Springs for Designer Vaca and I learned that last minute trips to the mountains are a very good idea.

This year brought a bunch of creative design projects, including my fourth and final Minds Matter Spring Gala to my sister's bridal shower to designing my first full wedding suite from invite to favors to day-of stationary... my full-time job at Sincerely that was packed with art direction & styling, more emails designed than I can count, and re-designing our entire packaging system...

And lastly, the moments. I'm thankful for the new experiences and cozy, quiet moments and everything in between. There are too many to cram into a post, so this is just a tiny sliver of the everyday moments that made this year amazing.