When in Los Angeles

Recently, it's been a non-stop whirlwind: traveling, work, freelancing, trying to stay active, and squeezing in the social life + puppy time. It's all just so good (Well, except my ceramics class. That's kind of a disaster). My official BUSY months have begun, a solid few months of big projects and travel, which I am so, so excited for. I just have to remember to keep the balance and not let myself get crazy. I started off my travels with a short one - off to Los Angeles to visit a friend for a girl's weekend. Somehow, we brought the San Francisco gloom with us and our shorts & swimsuits stayed packed away, but that's okay! We still squeezed the best out of our three days, including a beach day, adventuring across town to Silver Lake for delicious brunch and scattered shop gems, a walk in the neighborhood to check out the pretty houses (like old times!), and chatting and napping on a shared queen-sized bed. It was a quick and much needed girl's trip away from my laptop - even though at times I craved it!

When in Los Angeles:
Mohawk General Store | Reform School | Sugarfish Sushi | Cliff's Edge | Lemonade